Niagara waterfalls- Ostrog monastery - Zdrebaonik monastery tour

Ostrog monastery- Zdrebaonik monastery - Niagara waterfalls tour

This would be a tour for the mind and soul, but also for the eyes by the beauty of Montenegrin miracles.

Around 6 hours

Exploring the Montenegrin wonders

We start this tour by visiting the most famous waterfalls near the capital, Niagara waterfalls. The place is a beautiful oasis of peace and rests for the eyes and mind for every visitor.




On the way to the waterfalls, you will be able to see the Cijevna River Canyon which was the border belt between Montenegro and the Ottoman Empire until 1912. These years, along with the canyon, is one of the most beautiful vineyards in Europe.




The waterfall was named after Niagara waterfalls in Canada. If it is much smaller, this waterfall is a great attraction for Podgorica and a place of rest in the hot summer days.


There is also a restaurant “Niagara” in which you can enjoy traditional food and drink products and relax on the terrace on the banks of the Cijevna River, near the waterfall.




After visiting the waterfall, the road leads us to the Ostrog Monastery.





About the beauty of this monastery, made by St.Vasilije, was written by Napoleon’s colonel and French commander Viala de Somier, who visited the monastery in 1810. He wrote a book about Montenegro and published it in Paris 10 years later. It is entitled “Historical and Political Way to Montenegro”. In his book, more pages were dedicated to Ostrog monastery.


Monasteries have always been important pilgrimage sites, their relics attracted people from all over the world.


The monastery is consist of two parts – Lower monastery (Donji Manastir) and Upper monastery (Gornji manastir)


The Lower monastery is devoted to the Ascension of Holy mother of God, while the Upper one is devoted to the Cross of Honour.


The upper monastery is located on 900m above the sea level and it rests on a high rock, with a part of it hidden in the natural rock cavity. It consists of two cave-churches, and they represent the monumental value of spiritual culture.




St Vasilije of Ostrog died on  12th May 1671 and his relics rest in peace in the coffin in one of the churches in the Upper monastery.


Ostrog monastery also has relics sacred hands of a boy named Stanko from Podvraca village, who was killed by the Turks in 1714.


From the terraces of this monastery, there is a beautiful view of Bjelopavlic plain and the River Zeta.


In the Upper Monastery, all believers are provided with a bottle of holy water and oil.


After visiting Ostrog monastery as a bonus of the tour, on the way back to Podgorica, we will visit the monastery Zdrebaonik.




The monastery of the Birth of the Holy Mother of God a was raised by St. Stephen from Piperi in 1637.


The monastery complex consists of a church, a large conch and a series of ground-level buildings that once served as classrooms. The whole complex is surrounded by a high stone fence.


Zdrebaonik since 1856 has the relics of Sveti Arsenije Sremac (St. Arsenije from Srem) are kept, who was the Serbian archbishop.


In addition to the relics of Saint Arseny (the second Archbishop of Serbia) in the monastery today, there is a part of the skull of the Holy Martyne of Fevronia, the particle of the Holy Nicholas of the Miracle Maker of the Mirliksky, the Holy Equestrian Tekle, the Holy Martyr Justine, the Blessed Matrone of Moscow, St. Alexander Nevsky, the Holy Sergius of Radonicus, , Holy Apostolic Olympics and Dimitri of Kiev, St. Seraphs of Sarov, Holy Martyrs, Alexandra and Jelena, and blessed Pelagius, Paraskevas and Mary of the divine Divine.

From here we are driving back to Podgorica.




On your request, we can organize a lunch during the tour.


To this tour is possible to add the Podgorica city tour.

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– Pick up in front of the hotel or at the airport TGD

– PAnoramic drive to the Ostrog Monastery

– Visiting the Ostrog monastery, Upper and Lower part

– Drive to the Zdrebaonik monastery 

– Visiting Zdrebaonik monastery

– Drive to Niagara waterfalls near Podgorica

– Some free time for taking photos or drink near waterfalls

– Drive back to the city





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