Podgorica city tour

Podgorica city tour

It dates back to Roman period of times; it has witnessed many changes in power over centuries only to be bombed almost to the ground at the end of the WWII. It was bombed 84 times and every 8th person living in the town died.``.

Around 2 hours

Short walking tours, a short panoramic drive and some free time

When it comes to towns and places that you can come and visit in Montenegro almost everybody will recommend Kotor Old town, the Boka Bay, the spectacular mountains to the north… and almost no one will recommend Podgorica. This little capital has a history as long as the country itself.




It dates back to the Roman period of times; it has witnessed many changes in power over centuries only to be bombed almost to the ground at the end of the WWII. It was bombed 84 times and every 8th person living in the town died. Many visitors that came said that Podgorica is an ugly town, that its architecture is unimpressive; its long, grey, socialist blocks are gloomy and depressing. But trust us – the long grey blocks tell a story of how this little town got up on its feet after the 84 strikes and how it survived something for which historians can’t find an exact reason even today. Fortunately, in those bombardments, some of the town’s oldest landmarks have survived and today they are proud to tell you the story of Montenegro’s capital.




We will start the tour from the main square of the town, now called the Independence square and how the town, the square and many of the streets that you will walk through have changed names through history following decision of ruling powers.

We will head to the center and down cobblestoned steps to the confluence of Moraca and Ribnica where the little Roman Bridge lies even today and after surviving centuries of wars finally enjoy peace and quiet.





From the bridge, we will head up to the old Turkish part of the town. The memory of 4 centuries of Ottoman rule and the beloved Clock Tower – that is only 16m high but thanks to the bombings was actually the tallest construction in the town for a while.




From here we will head towards the other side of the town, where we will see the winter palace of Montenegro’s last king , passing through the growing business part of the town we will finish the tour at the magnificent Orthodox Cathedral of the Resurrection of Christ. Through its visual representation of theological topics, iconography, painting, illuminations and other branches of applied the spirituality of the Orthodox East is best reflected. It represents the most interesting and largest gallery of stone plastics in one temple and is a unique combination of stories from both the town’s history and larger Christian history.




OPTIONAL (not included in the price):


* For a full experience of Podgorica and its surroundings we can organize a wine tasting visit to the big national winery (whose seller is actually located in an old military hangar) and on our way there we will stop at what the local people lovingly call the Niagara falls – a little waterfall over turquoise little river Cijevna that was actually built around 150 years ago, with the intention to start a water mill, for grinding grain. Today one of the most popular photo stops for locals and tourists, Jeremy Irons being one of the most known actors who visited the little waterfall, shooting the feature film “Matilda”. On your request, we could add just one of these two attractions.







  • A minimum number of participants for the realization of the tour is 3 pax.
  • For 3 or less people the price of the tour is 45€.
  • The meeting point will be specified in the email
  • In the price is not included hotel or port transfer. If you would like to start this tour from your address please note that in your request and we will give you our best offer.

Note: All of our tours are private tailor-made tours. All written tours are just our proposal, so please feel free to create your own tour. We will be happy to assist you.

1-5 persons / 65 € in total

6 or more persons / 11 € per person






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