The Great Montenegro Tour

“The phrase “good things come in small packages” may be a cliché, but in the case of Montenegro, it’s an adage… This tiny corner of south-eastern Europe crams in some of the continent’s most glorious beaches, wilderness and historic towns into an area smaller than Northern Ireland.” The Independent


Short walking tours in old towns and panoramic drives with photo stops over the most attractive part of the Montenegrin coast

Montenegro is maybe small but definitely has a lot to offer. But if you are unfortunately limited to only one day in this beautiful country than we suggest you book our Great Montenegro tour that will give you the opportunity to visit the best points within such a short period of time.




We will start the tour the agreement place in Podgorica (or from other cities, with changes in the itinerary) and head straight to Budva Old Town – a town with a history long several centuries old but its peak being during the Venetians rule that lasted for nearly 400 years, from 1420 to 1797. The town is fortified by powerful Venetian walls and today is still the most visited tourist destination on Montenegrins coastline.


With its 35km long coastline strip, Budva offers something for everyone looking for a perfect spot to spend their summer vacation: history, art, sandy beaches, nightclubs, shops, gourmet restaurants…  On our way to Budva, we will make a photo stop over one of its popular beaches.





 Budva Riviera is center of Montenegrian tourism and the most beautiful part of the Montenegrian coast.






From Budva we go towards medieval Kotor. Kotor old town is the only UNESCO protected town in Montenegro. A good position and rich history made this city a pearl of the Adriatic coast. The town, built like a maze, will delight you with its streets and small squares and leave a unique image not only of this city but also of the state





Once we finish with Kotor we continue our adventure and head towards Njegusi village through the Lovcen national park which is part of the rocky region of Dinara Alps. Slopes of Mountain Lovcen steeply, rise from the coastal region of Budva and west part of Cetinje. This “Black Mountain”, after which Montenegro got its name, rises to 1749 meters of altitude and the park is 6220 acres large. After a scenic drive, we make a stop in this historically important village, as this is the place from which the Montenegrin ruling family of Petrovic comes from.


Here we will visit one of the home owned restaurants in order to taste some of the region’s best-known specialty: the smoked prosciutto and cheese Montenegro prides itself on the production of prosciutto and it is just right that you try it at the best place possible – the Njegusi village.




On the way to Njegusi village, we will use the old road built at the end of the 19th century this breathtaking road that consists of 25 switchbacks will offer you one of the most magnificent views Montenegro has to offer. If you ask some people the best one in the country. Built with the intent to connect the Montenegrin kingdom with what used to be the Austro-Hungarian Empire today serves as one of the most popular touristic routes.


It will take us around one hour (or two depending on numbers of photo stops and taking or no taking the snacks/lunch in the village) to reach the Old Royal Capital of Montenegro, Cetinje.







Hidden between steep mountains lays this small town of Cetinje, that holds the most of Montenegrin history. We will have a short walking tour in the very center of the town where most of the architecture is from 18th and 19th century. During King Nikola’s reign, many embassies were built that give it today’s specific looks and three of the most representative buildings are the Monastery of Cetinje, Biljarda palace and King Nikola’s palace. Here you will be able to hear the stories of how this small country rose to international recognition in midst of constant wars against much bigger powers that always battled for supremacy over these territories.








From Cetinje, we will head back to Podgorica (starting position).  On the way to Podgorica if you are not too tired we suggest you add visit Rijeka Crnojevica town for one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. The view of Skadar Lake and river Crnojevica is must see for all nature lovers while in Montenegro. The view is fantastic but the town represents the true state of the country – the wild beauty and the weak economy 🙂 


Either way, surely this will be a tour worth every photo and memories of our beautiful Montenegro. 







Note: Visiting Rijeka Crnojevica town is not included in the listed price list. It would cost you additional 30 EUR for small car or 40EUR for a van.

Note: All of our tours are private tailor-made tours. All written tours are just our proposal, so please feel free to create your own tour. We will be happy to assist you.

Price list

1-2 persons / 200 € in total
3-4 persons / 240 € in total
5 persons / 280 € in total
6 persons / 320 € in total
7 – 8 persons / 360 € in total

* Special price for backpackers on request.

* Agency reserve the right to increase or lower prices to the final booking.
For groups with over 8 persons please contact us for price list.


– Meeting with your tour guide
– Panoramic drive to Budva with a photo stop above Budva Riviera( view from St.Stefan island to the Old town)
– Budva old town walking tour
– Drive to Kotor old town

– Visiting Kotor old town
– A scenic drive up and down to slopes of mountain Lovcen to Njegusi village with a photo stops over Boka Bay
– Visit one of the traditional restaurant and tastings of prosciutto and cheese- not included in the
price, approximately 5-10 EUR per person
– Visiting Cetinje, Old Royal Capital of Montenegro
– Return to Podgorica with optionally visiting Rijeka Crnojevica town as an additional activity
– End of tour




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