The country with the most beautiful landscapes in the world

Nort Montenegro

In South-eastern Europe, covering an area of mere 13 810m2, with Adriatic sea to the south and magnificent black mountains (to which it owes its name) scattered throughout its entire territory up to the far north, surrounded by the countries with which it was once in a Federation, lies Montenegro, a truly spectacular place to visit.


Boka bay


What makes this country a great destination for tourists is its rich history, its beautiful coastline, the magnificent nature, and the fact that it is so compact that you can easily get from one side of it to another in a day.


Montenegro has two airports, one is in Tivat (on the coast) and the other one is in Podgorica – the capital. The transfer companies here are very well organized, with drivers who speak excellent English and are very friendly and eager to show off their country. On your way to your destination, they will tell you stories and legends about historical events and places and they will stop for you to take photos…and you will want to take a lot of photos.


Boka from sky


Everywhere you look something will just take your breath away, like the magnificent Boka Bay, nicknamed southernmost fjord in Europe, or charming town of Kotor hidden behind its medieval walls, with maze-like cobblestoned streets and hundreds of cats, or Our Lady of The Rocks – an artificial island with a church and a museum on it.


Panoramic view to Boka


The Old Royal Capital Cetinje will welcome you with the stories of the royal family and many wars for freedom which Montenegro took part in.




If you are more into nature, this country will amaze you with its five National Parks: Durmitor with its gorgeous Black lake, Biogradska Gora, Lovćen Mountain, Lake Skadar and Prokletije (the Damned Mountains). These places look so good in the photos, but honestly, they look ten times better in reality.


Skadar lake


So, to sum up, Montenegro, this small jewel in the Balkans has so much to offer (great food, friendly people, beautiful vistas combined with stories from a very rich country’s history) that even for the most nit-picky tourists a vacation here will be one to remember.


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